Rolex New Deepsea D-Blue

Rare watches can compete with Rolex Deepsea. In this new one, it reaches a 3900 meters’ depth under the water and can satisfy the most severe requirements, with Rolex unique innovative design. Rolex has set new criterion in terms of stability, precision, functionality or reliability. Rolex Deepsea is the ultimate representative of Oyster series which defies any challenge. 44mm Oyster case is fitted with Ringlock system, making a solid case. Under the lead of such pioneer spirit, Rolex continues its efforts on innovation and bringing us Submariner. In the new Deepsea 3900, you can see a lot of features.

Luminous materials

Chromalight luminous, which seems to be an innovation, is an invention that effectively improve the clear reading under the dark situation. This luminous materials can last long as two times as normal luminous materials. With the same material, wearers, even in the deep dark see, can still have a clear reading.

Helium valve

Divers, after deep diving, will firstly go to the decompression chamber to inhale air that is mixed with helium. While in the chamber, helium, a light and unstable air, can penetrate into any corner, including the watch. As it release in comparatively slow speed, therefore, under the watch there is a high pressure which may cause disasters to the watch. Taking those influences and problems into consideration, engineers from Rolex developed a spring helium valve and here how it works: when there is over 3 or 5 unit barometric pressure, the valve will open automatically to let out the helium to eliminate the influences on the water-proof performance.  

Ringlock System

  • With the Ringlock system, Rolex has an extraordinary performance on solidness, water-resistance and anti-pressure. This structure, completely developed by Rolex, can resist water pressure from 3900 meters’ depth. The system consists of three parts: the center of this system is the nitrogen alloy stainless loop, and an arc sapphire crystal mirror and 5-level titanium alloy case back.  

Rolex Glidelock Flexible System

Proprietary Glidelock flexible system enable divers to adjust bracelet even though they wear divers’ suits. You can put 2mm forward every time and the maximum length is 20 mm.

Titanium Alloy Case Back

The case back design is helpful for resisting the high water pressure. First, the firm titanium case back has a high solidness as well as a flexibility and those advantages will enable watches to bear the high water pressure from deep water without any damage. What’s more, the water pressure itself would makes three components more close to each other. With deeper and deeper the watch goes, the case back would seal more tightly.

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