Tag Heuer Watches: Reviews on Monaco Calibre 11 Watches

Tag Heuer Watches: Reviews on Monaco Calibre 11 Watches


On March 3, 1969, Tag Heuer in Geneva and New York issued a Monaco series watch at the same time, became the first square waterproof automatic timing clock in the history of Swiss watch. This series of watches was named by jack tag heuer in Monaco grand prix (still is the partner of the brand), and it boldly applied the square casing, metallic blue dial, lux minutes pointer, arched crystal glass wtch mirror, and what is the most notable is the watch crown that is located in the left side (means no manual chain at the time), which broke the traditional watch design aesthetic principle.

Tag Heuer with the innovative technology, for the first time for square watches provided the perfect waterproof performance. The root of the Revolutionary breakthrough, however, was hidden in the case: the famous Calibre 11 timing movement, watchmaking history’s first automatic timing chain movement. In 1970, the Swiss motorsport legend Jo Siffert became the first driver sponsored by wrist watch brand. Tag heuer Monaco series wrist watch was worn in Jo Siffert wrist, then appeared in the world for the first time. The following year, Steve McQueen worn this watch when the le mans McQueen was taken and blue tag heuer Monaco watch won the attention of the whole Car industry. Identification of the watch is very high and it was often extremely complex, “McQueen Monaco” (1133 b) has become a legend of auction and collectors.

Tag Heuer Monaco series Calibre 11 timing clock 2015 edition was made by the original 1969 version watch. Size is of 39 mm x 39 mm, the watch crown was set on the left side, on the metallic blue dial there are two time silver plates, inclined pipe calendar window at 6 o ‘clock position, with polishing level carving surface time scale, embossing vintage Heuer logo, waterproof depth is of 100 meters, which is a sign of Monaco series features.

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